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Custom Made, More Fit, Outstanding Quality, Affordable Price is an online store which is committed to wedding and special occasion dresses design and customization. It was founded in 2012 on the idea that you should have access to the top special occasion fashions on the market, from prom gowns, cocktail party dresses to bridal party dresses, and you should be able to shop for it with customizable sizes, colors and details.

The Yerprom team was young, but full of vitality and creativity. That's why Yerprom becomes a global leading brand in this area in a few years. Yerprom originated a new developmental model in custom couture, and keeps enhancing the excellent online shopping experience with constant innovation and ascension.

Yerprom started with a basic idea of helping the girls to get their dream dresses without middleman. Many girls can't afford expensive dream dresses in showcase, or have bad online shopping experience. The mission & vision of Yerprom is to provide high-end custom-made dresses in every style and budget.

We ship worldwide.